Custom Floor Tile Murals

What are Custom Floor Tile Murals?

Custom floor tile is a repeating image pattern fired into the glaze of a porcelain floor tile. This patterned tile can be made too look very unique. Such tile is commonly installed in both commercial venues and private residences. Tile sizes can be transferred to 12″x12″, 8″x8″, 4″x8″, 6″x6″, 4″x4″ or any combination thereof; plus, we can supply custom shapes and sizes using water-jet cutting. Any repeating pattern may be used. Tile Artisans has several patterns available, but, we also work with customer-supplied patterns, shown here.

What is the Value of Custom Floor Tile Murals?

Primarily, the value of floor tile murals is customization and durability. No other flooring material can be customized with images to the same degree as our custom floor tiles. The images would be impossible to reproduce on other surfaces. As with any porcelain tile, the surface will far outlast any other flooring material. The images in the tile glaze do not degrade with time or exposure to UV radiation. They are scratch proof. Surface textures available are gloss, satin, matte, and skid resistant. Once installed, custom floor tiles offer a low maintenance solution for any floor decoration.

Where are Custom Floor Tiles and Floor Tile Murals used?

Custom Floor Tiles are used both indoors and outdoors. They are appropriate for residential and commercial settings, such as restaurants, boutiques, malls, schools, community centers, hospitals, churches, as corporate and public floor logos – any place where custom floor decorations are desired. Tile Artisans has a commitment to providing the highest quality custom floor tiles at reasonable prices. We use only the finest porcelain tiles and a kiln-firing process. Our products are guaranteed for life; they are permanent, non-fading, durable, and long lasting.

Custom Fantasy Floor Tile

Floor Tile Fantasy™ tiles are created using high-quality porcelain clays. As tested by the Tile Council of America, Floor Tile Fantasy™ has achieved a Class 4 rating for commercial flooring use. These unique designs can brighten any room with an interesting new look. Using our Digital Imaging Process, our designers have created some of the most interesting options available in a commercial grade floor tile today.

Design Your Own Floor Tile

Floor tiles are available in three sizes: 6×6 inch, 6×12 inch, 12×12 inch and Bull Nose. These tiles have been created to be modular so multiple sizes can be used in the same layout. You can select from our image library or design your own custom floor tile from any piece of art, photograph, logo or image.

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