Custom Tile Murals

What are Custom Tile Murals?

Custom tile murals are patterns of tiles arranged to show artwork, graphics, photographs, watercolors, paintings, and company logos – anything that can be printed on paper can be made as a tile mural. They are installed as permanent decorations, memorials, art in public places and company logos on tile and messages in public, corporate, and private spaces. We offer digital imaging and kiln fired custom tile murals for permanent, non-fading ceramic tile plaques and murals for display in the harshest of environments – outdoors in the Florida sun to exterior wall murals in Alaska. Our custom tile murals do not fade, do not crack from freeze/thaw cycling, and are impervious to harsh chemicals. Our custom tile murals can be smooth or skid resistant, gloss or matte finish – perfect for wall or floor murals and both suitable for interior or exterior applications.

What are the Values of Tile Murals?

Functionality, Durability, Versatility, and Quality. Since kiln-fired tiles last for at least thousands of years, tile murals create a legacy, a family heirloom, a permanent memorial, a show of company products with extreme longevity. The architectural design of tile murals enhances buildings, walls, and floors, inside and outside. Artists use tile murals to display photography, paintings, and Art in Public Places, by combining graphic elements and area definition to bring a wall or space into focus. Custom Tile Murals enhance the architectural features of buildings both inside and out. Architects and designers use tile to create photo murals, mural paintings, artwork or graphic elements to help define an area and bring focus to a wall or space.

Tile Murals are Durable

Tile murals are sturdy, solid and durable, giving the space a timeless and enduring quality. Vinyl or hand painted murals tend to peel, crack and fade over time, and are subject to permanent damage form outdoor elements and graffiti. Tile Artisan murals are an excellent focal point or accent feature for any interior design or architectural project. We also do historical murals, mural painting, and photo murals. A great upgrade from wallpaper murals which can easily fade, tear, and bubble. Our designers can take your photo, artwork or graphics and design a custom mural specific to your project. We will work closely with your team to ensure a quality reproduction on our tile.

Who We Work With

We work hand in hand with architects, interior and exterior designers, artists, general contractors, and tile installers. We speak your language, helping you every step of the way from the project concept phase to pre-installation advice. Our Art in Public Places projects include public buildings, parks, hotel, motels, restaurants, churches, cemeteries, mausoleums, chapels, museums, and other public and private institutions.

What Makes Us Different

Tile Artisans’ custom ceramic tile murals are different because our images are kiln-fired at high temperatures (1650°F) and guaranteed not to fade. Our products are not sublimated. Our proprietary image transfer technology and kiln firing processes creates tile murals that will not fade or break when exposed to the harshest environments. The images on our tiles consist of the tile glaze itself, not a relatively soft and vulnerable organic polymer layer on top of the glaze. We are environmentally responsible, using recycled materials whenever possible.

Digital Image Transfer Technology

We use an advanced high resolution digital image transfer technology with a custom designed computer-controlled high temperature kiln firing process. Tile Artisans custom ceramic tile murals are the high quality choice. We invite you to explore our site to see how many of our customers have enriched their lives with our mural products. Enjoy the stories and learn from personal experiences of others.

How Does a Custom Tile Mural Project Proceed?

The first step is to define the size of the project and the size of the tiles that will be used to create the finished tile mural. With this information and an idea of what the artwork will look like, Tile Artisans provides a proposal and price quote. The next step is proofing, where Tile Artisans receives the best artwork available from the client and provides a digital proof of the finished piece. This allows the customer to decide if the grout lines are in the appropriate places. We also provide kiln fired proof tiles upon request. Once the digital proof is approved for production, the project moves to the manufacturing stage. At that point, the images are transferred to tile, fired in kilns, labeled for easy installation, and packaged securely for shipment.

What Process does Tile Artisans use?

Tile Artisans uses an advanced high-resolution digital image transfer technology with a custom designed, computer controlled, and high temperature kiln firing process. This transfer technology is NOT DYE SUBLIMATION. For details on dye sublimation see Kiln Fired vs Dye Sublimation. Our technology is a kiln fired, non-toxic, environmentally friendly process that guarantees high standards in terms of image quality, clarity and durability. All images are fired at very high temperatures (1650°F, 900 °C) making the finished product very durable.

Our Products are Resistant to:

  • Extreme Climates (will not crack)custom tile murals
  • UV-Rays (guaranteed not to fade)
  • Graffiti (can be removed)
  • Scratching (does not scratch)
  • Wear (suitable for high traffic areas)
  • Chemicals (will not harm surface or image)

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