Tile Art Specifications

What Process Does Tile Artisans Use?

Tile Artisans uses an advanced high resolution digital image transfer technology with a custom designed, computer controlled, high temperature kiln firing process. This transfer technology is NOT DYE SUBLIMATION. For details on dye sublimation see Kiln Fired vs Dye Sublimation. Our technology is a kiln fired, non-toxic, environmentally friendly process that guarantees high standards in terms of image quality, clarity and durability. All images are fired at very high temperatures (1650 °F, 900 °C) making the finished product very durable.

Our Products are Resistant to:custom tile murals

  • Extreme Climates (will not crack)
  • UV-Rays (guaranteed not to fade)
  • Graffiti (can be removed)
  • Scratching (does not scratch)
  • Wear (suitable for high traffic areas)
  • Chemicals (will not harm surface or image)

How Does a Custom Tile Project Proceed?

The first step is to define the size of the project and the size of the tiles that will be used to create the finished tile or mural. With this information and an idea of what the artwork will look like, Tile Artisans provides a proposal and price quote. The next step is proofing, where Tile Artisans receives the best artwork available from the client and provides a digital proof of the finished piece. This allows the customer to decide if the grout lines are in the appropriate places. We also provide kiln fired proof tiles upon request. Once the digital proof is approved for production, the project moves to the manufacturing stage. At that point, the images are transferred to tile and fired in kilns.  Each fired tile is then uniquely labeled for easy installation and packaged securely for shipment.

How is a Custom Tile Mural Installed?

Custom tile murals are installed much like any other porcelain tile. The only difference is that each tile must be installed in a specific place, with the proper orientation. To facilitate easy installation, Tile Artisans labels each tile with a row and column number and provides an installation map showing the location of each tile.

Tile Mural Installation

How are Custom Tiles Cared for After Installation?

Tile murals are sturdy, solid, and durable, giving the space a timeless and enduring quality. Tile Artisans mural tiles are kiln fired, which means our images do not fade from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, even with prolonged exposure. Our murals are made with the finest porcelain tile, ensuring that they are impervious to freeze-thaw cycling and impervious to harsh chemicals and scratching. Vinyl, dye sublimation, and painted murals tend to peel, crack, and fade over time and are subject to permanent damage form outdoor weathering and graffiti. Tile Artisans kiln-fired mural tiles are the high quality alternative to such inferior products.

What About Copyright?

Tile Artisans seeks to abide by the copyright laws of the United States and in so doing recognizes that it must rely upon clients to ensure that the items or designs sought by clients to be produced by Tile Artisans do not infringe on copyright.

  • Lifetime Warranty against fading, period.
  • Limited Warranty on support materials.
  • Materials (the ceramic tile) as supplied by Tile Artisans are produced in accordance.

Tile Artisans warrants that all support materials (the ceramic or porcelain tile) as supplied by Tile Artisans are produced in accordance with international and national industry standards for ceramic tile and/or porcelain pavers. These standards being: ISO 13006 for Definitions, Classifications and Properties of Tile and ISO 10545 for Testing Methods.

  • ANSI 10545 for Testing Methods
  • ANSI Specifications A 137.1-1988 (if support material is of US origin)

What Does the Warranty Cover?

Tile Artisans represents and warrants that the image transfer to a ceramic tile support material shall be performed in a workman like manner, free of defects in workmanship and materials, including inherent vice and portions deemed dangerous to the public, and that Tile Artisans shall, at its sole expense, remedy any defects due to faulty workmanship or materials, or to inherent vice, which appear within a period of 5 years from the date of the image decorated tile was installed. If the image, or individual tiles within the overall image, should deteriorate because of faulty workmanship or materials or an inherent vice within 5 years from the date the image tile was installed, Tile Artisans will promptly reproduce and replace the damaged image(s) tile(s) without any charge. Tile Artisans will not be responsible for any cost of labor, installation or removal of tile.

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