Historic Tile Murals

What are Historic Tile Murals?

Historic tile murals are historic moments preserved on ceramic tile or as mosaics. They commemorate special events, notable people, quotes, company statements and other historical happenings that shaped history. They are used to portray extraordinary people or events in extraordinary times and immortalize memorable heroes who shaped history.

Where are Historic Tile Murals Displayed?

Historic tile murals are displayed in public areas, company hallways, museums, gardens and other private and organizational public access areas.

How are Historic Tile Murals Designed?

They are created using old photographs, documents, artwork, graphics, newspaper stories, magazines, book covers or any of a wide variety of artist renderings. Tile Artisans will work with your organization or artist of choice to create works of art tile murals that commemorate your special events.

Why you Should Consider Historic Tile Murals

If you are looking for fundraiser ideas, historic tile murals are a great way to raise money, and money raised can be used for funding other organizational projects. They portray great moments in history for future generations to enjoy. You can see more on our donor recognition tile page.

Historic Tile Murals are sturdy, solid, and durable, giving the space a timeless and enduring quality. Tile Artisans mural tiles are kiln fired, which means our images do not fade from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, even with prolonged exposure. Our murals are made with the finest porcelain tile, ensuring that they are impervious to freeze-thaw cycling and impervious to harsh chemicals and scratching. Vinyl, dye sublimation, and hand painted murals tend to peel, crack, and fade over time and are subject to permanent damage form outdoor weathering and graffiti. Tile Artisans kiln-fired mural tiles are the high quality alternative to other inferior products.

Commemorate People and Events

Tell the story of a historic building, a unique area or a special place with “Historic Tile Murals” from Tile Artisans. Commemorate the people and events that shape our history. Honor the extreme sacrifices, the hard work of extraordinary people in extraordinary times. Immortalize memorable performances and the heroes that shaped history. Historic Tile Murals can tell a story and record history for future generations.

Custom Historic Murals

Using image enhancement technology our design team can help restore old photos, documents and artifacts, then prepare them to be reproduced on durable and long lasting tile. In addition, donor recognition tiles can be incorporated into historic murals to help fund projects or commemorate people and historic events.

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