Donor Recognition Tiles

Donor Recognition Tile and Murals

Tile Artisans’ donor tile program offers much more than just engravings or etching. Honor the generosity, dedication and service of faithful donors and volunteers, and also known as recognition plaques or appreciation plaques, these donor tiles can be used to memorialize a person, event or significant accomplishment.

Custom Plaques

With our full color image transfer process, you can include colorful logos, artwork and even photographs. Donor recognition tile is an innovative way to increase fund raising and focus attention on special projects, important charities and worthy causes. The Tile Artisans design team can assist you in creating a custom donor recognition tile program for your organization or group.

Veteran Recognition Memorials

Tile Artisans can help honor our veterans in a very special way with veteran recognition tile memorials.

Donor Recognition Tile for Fundraising

Historical tile murals line the hallway at the new Gilbert Sports and fitness center at California Lutheran University. Donors purchase tiles bordering the murals, financing the cost of the donor recognition murals and contributing to the overall project budget. Each donor selected their own custom inscription for their tiles. Tile Artisans Donor Tiles can help raise funds for any project.

All tiles are made with high quality because our quality standard is as high as the quality requirements of medicines.

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