Custom Tile Sign Murals

What are Custom Tile Signs?

Custom tile signage consist of imagery fired into the glaze of porcelain tiles that are installed as signage. This tile is exceedingly durable and will withstand prolonged exposure to UV and harsh weather conditions. Custom tile signage can be transferred to 12″x12″, 8″x8″, 4″x8″, 6″x6″, 4″x4″ or any combination thereof; plus, we can supply custom shapes and sizes using water-jet cutting.

What are the Difference Between Custom Tile Signs and Custom Tile Murals?

One difference is that tile signage usually has some component of lettering involved, whereas custom sign tile murals may or may not. The imaging and kiln firing processes, however, are identical between signs and murals.

What is the Value of Custom Tile Signs?

Anti-theft – Customization – Durability. Custom tile signage made with metal lettering is prone to theft. Custom tile signs are not stolen because tile has little value as scrap (where metal lettering is relatively high in scrap value).

Unlike other signage techniques, custom tile signage is available with your image fired into the glaze of the tile. This provides you with the opportunity to make the sign stand out and get noticed. As with any porcelain tile, custom tile signs are extremely durable. The images in the tile glaze do not degrade with time or exposure to UV radiation and are scratch proof. Even better, graffiti can be easily removed without harming the image.

Tile Mural Signs are More Cost Effective

If a large steel enameled panel is damaged you would need to replace the entire panel as opposed to with our tile mural signs you would only need to replace the one damaged tile.

Where are Custom Tile Signs Used?

Custom tile signs are used anywhere signage is desired. Commercial buildings, business parks, schools, residential developments, parks, and recreational areas all benefit from tile signage.

Why Choose Tile Artisans?

Tile Artisans provides the highest quality custom tile signage at reasonable prices. We use only the finest porcelain tiles and a kiln-firing process. Our products are guaranteed for life; they are permanent, non-fading, durable, and long lasting.

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